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Great care is taken during every process involved with the salt curing and oak smoking of our fish. The process, done entirely by hand takes over two days and the delicious smokey taste and succulent, mouth-watering texture justifies the skilled work. Filleting - click to enlarge

The fresh Atlantic salmon are sourced locally and all treated slightly differently depending on the size of fish and even the weather conditions that prevail while smoking is taking place! How many supermarket products can boast that kind of care and attention to getting just the right taste that our many long-standing regular customers and we prefer?Curing - click for large picture

After being hand-filleted, our fresh salmon are dry-cured using Uig Lodge's time-honoured recipe. In the true custom of good pure food, little is added or taken away from the original fish; indeed this is the secret to all good smoked salmon, sourcing the right fish with the correct qualities for the traditional smoking process.

The fresh fillets are next cured in salt for many hours, depending on the exact size of fish; each one being treated independently. Smoking Kiln - click to enlarge

Once cured, the sides are washed individually and then placed in the kiln to partially dry. When dried the pure oak chips are lit and smoulder away releasing the wonderful aroma that gives our smoked salmon that distinct traditional flavour. Trimming & Boning - click to enlarge

After smoking the sides are allowed to cool for an hour before being trimmed, boned and vacuum packed ready for dispatch.

Sides can be sent out whole sliced and interleaved whilst on the skin or sliced and packed in 230g and 450g interleaved packs.

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Hand Smoking
trimming salmon
What sets our smoked salmon apart is our unique hand-smoking technique.
Each fillet is carefully prepared according to its size and texture, and the process is even varied depending on the weather.
slicing salmon
No artificial colouring or flavouring is used.
Our process takes time, local knowledge and years of experience - we're confident that you really will taste the difference!

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