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Atlantic Salmon

Uig Lodge smoked atlantic salmon has been supplying top hotels and restaurants with outstanding quality atlantic Smoked Salmon Scotland for twenty years. Our website was launched in 2002 to make our products available to lovers of fine Smoked Salmon Scotland from the Atlantic all over the world.

We take great pride in sourcing the best quality fish, since this is a crucial element to the success of the overall smoking process. Our salmon are reared in the wild pristine waters of the North Atlantic and great care and attention is taken at each stage of their development. Our Scottish salmon fillets are hand smoked to a traditional, yet secret recipe. The smoked atlantic salmon that results from this process is undoubtedly amongst some of the finest in the whole of Scotland.

Smoked Scottish produce including fish and salmon from Scotland for mail order purchase and buy online. Delivered to your door anywhere in the UK or world.

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Atlantic Salmon

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Where is Uig?
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Uig is on the Atlantic coast of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Although on the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska, the Gulf Stream keeps the area relatively mild and frost-free.

The mild climate and unpolluted water favours an abundance of wildife and game on the islands, particularly the wild Atlantic salmon for which Uig is famed.

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